NHL GMs, Coaches, Agents- The team at BlueLineAnalytics has unlocked the value of hockey by using analytics and predictive modeling to provide new and valuable information regarding hockey player value and team composition.
Why BlueLineAnalytics
Coaches: What combination of players would provide you with a competitive edge?... Allowing you to get into the play-offs, going deep or better
yet...winning the Stanley Cup!  How does your team profile compare with previous years champions?... What can you predict for the upcoming

Agents: Are your clients getting fairly compensated to their market value? The average career of an NHL player is measured in years not
decades... And so you MUST maximize the LIFE TIME VALUE of your clients.

In whatever role you play, Can you afford to ignore what lies in the data ?
The Data never lies!
Owners and GMs: You may be spending up to $59.4M on player salaries this upcoming year… some will have multi-year contracts, bonus
clauses, restricted clauses and if that were not enough you will be offered trade contracts with your competition?

The common denominator in all these decisions will be…
You cannot stop thinking and analyzing, and just like the sport itself there is ALWAYS room for improvement as we strive for SUCCESS.  
- What is our ROI? +ve or –ve
- Is our product filling 'paying' seats and boxes in the arena?
- Is the burden of ticket sales getting heavier?

And as in any business, our goal is to simply WIN on the bottom line so we can continue to strive for perfection and WIN on the ice!
We Share Your Passion:
  • We know you want to Compete!  
  • We know you want to host the Cup!  
  • We also know you are competing against 29 other teams
    for players, a spot in the play-offs and a chance to see
    your name engraved on Lord Stanley!

And if that was not enough of a challenge...
  • You must provide an entertaining product while producing
    a positive ROI.
  • You must work and manage within a Salary Cap that may
    drop significantly for the 2011-12 season.
  • You work in an environment where it is easier to change
    the management team than the players.

You need to validate your gut feel with real data.  We provide
you with the hard facts to support your drive to the Cup!
Unlocking Hockey's Hidden Value
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