BlueLineAnalytics a concept that was conceived right at neutral ice, now does that explain the name?
It was the during the locked out season of '94 - '95 that got us asking some very basic questions as we coached youth hockey after a long day at work.  "...If in
business we can predict customer level sales, customer consumption, customer buying behavior and thinking with a such high degree of accuracy that allows
Management to make critical business decisions for the benefit of shareholders, why can't we use that same rigor, intelligence and business sense to the
locked out sport of Hockey?

If the Share holders on Wall street insist on a fair Balance sheet valuation of its resources, should n't the NHL also be able to do the same to accurately value
its assets? If we did so, we would create a healthy and realistic value of the NHL, by accurately reporting fair value of its assets and in doing so avoid the pains
of arbitration, disputes strikes and lockouts - so we can get on with the game.
A true meeting of the minds, a business analyst in the field of customer analytics and a hockey expert coming together to solve a key problem faced by the NHL
which is arguably the 4th or 5th important sport in terms of TV revenue
Who is BlueLineAnalytics
We had the concept and thinking, we needed the tools and some statistical experts and so we formed a partnership with Cartesian Consulting - A statistical
analytics company with decades of experience in the field of business modelling.  Over almost a decade now we have gone through iterations of a model that
has been proved with actual data our ability to predict sales, costs and value so as to determine shareholder value in companies.  In this case we use past
guarantee of the future as argued by nay sayers, we can prove that it is a fair indicator or a realistic valuation of future NHL player value in real money terms.
Some of our partners include :
-        Cartesian Consulting... Specializing in analytic solutions
-        Hockey Practice Guide… experts in the development of Hockey among kids
-        Identlogic Systems...  Specializing in Customer Driven Loyalty Programs and system solutions
-        Red-Box Rewards... Specializing in loyalty reward management programs
-        Z-Card .. Specializes in PocketMedia™ market, based on providing handy information made easy to retain
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