Using analytics and predictive modeling we calculate the unbias value of players
The Competitive Hockey Advantage...

In today’s Hockey environment SUCCESS of a franchise is defined in 2 different ways, Ownership
has been challenged to WIN cost effectively by maximizing ROI of every free-agent signing while
trying to maintain a healthy franchisee for the long haul. The personal and anything short of that
does not get a second chance with the same team!

If we could only look in to the future…things would be a lot easier and so we resort to the next best
tool competitive intelligence and PREDICTIVE analytics in order to make smart hockey decisions that
have a long lasting positive financial impacts to a franchisee.  The same modeling technique that we
have used in developing many ROI based programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Our team of statisticians and analysts rely on past performance data to predict future trends and
behavior and so far we have never been proved wrong!
What we do...

Hockey is a demanding sport that requires the right mix of players and coaches to be successful.  Some teams are successful year after
year.  Perhaps they have the WINNING formula, while others struggle.  The salary cap creates the challenge of building and maintaining the
right mix of players to be competitive while providing an entertaining team that maximizes your investment $!  Our best-in-class statistical
models and predictive analytics help drill down in to the numbers to determine the TRUE value added performers, and their relative value to
your hockey team.
Questions/concerns, let our analytics tell YOU…. HOW
these players WILL perform in coming years…

  1. We missed the play-offs…….. Again!
  2. Did we have consistency in our players through the
  3. What is our strategy for next season? Free-agency,
    trades, Farm system?
  4. Does the Salary Cap change next season? How do
    we react?
  5. What did the winning teams do right?
  6. What is a winning team profile? How does our team
  7. How do I find over-achievers that are available?
  8. Did I maximize my Net worth?
  9. What are WINNING TRADES I need to pursue?
  10. Who is that diamond in the rough that has the
    highest ROI?
  11. Performance vs Age; What is the OPTIMUM contract
  12. What DO the numbers tell us?
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