What is the Engagement Process?
  1. Contact Us
  2. We setup a session to meet with you
  3. We listen to your issues and concerns
  4. We map out a plan and prioritize your requirements
  5. We create your custom solution
  6. We advise, monitor and assist in your management of the solution

How Safe is My Data and Analysis?
  • We offer the same data security as our Fortune 500 clients
  • Your data is fire-walled and protected from other clients
  • Standard Non Disclosure agreements are executed to add an additional level of safe guard

What level of Customization is Available?
  • We will work with you to define an unique solution tailored to only your needs

Where should you leverage analytics?
  • We help answer... How much will it take to win, to get to the playoffs, to win the cup?
  • What information, knowledge, and insight would it take to perform that way? What are the biggest unanswered questions and biggest  opportunities?
  • How would you act upon that information, knowledge, and insight?

Why now...
  • Because your competitors are using analytics or are likely exploring the possibilities.
  • What are your direct competitors doing or attempting with analytics? Is anyone in hockey jumping ahead in terms of analytical capability?
  • Are you at risk from competitors who may use analytics to bump you out of next years playoff spot?

What's the Payoff?
  • Analytical competition is a bet on a new way of doing business.
  • Maximizing team performance and franchise ROI- (return on investment) at the same time.
  • What’s your goal? What would it mean in terms of regular season standings and playoff results, revenue and profit if we were really to change the basis
    of our competition?

What do we need?
  • Is your data integrated enough not only to be accessible, but also to be manipulated with analytical tools?
  • How completely and accurately does the information measure and represent your capability? Is it up-to-date?
  • What are the most glaring gaps and shortfalls?

What role must the team management play?
  • Strategy... Decide where analytics and predictive modeling should be leveraged in your team.
  • Capability.... Drive with passion and commitment the changes needed.
  • Execution... Insist that your team takes action based on its analyses.
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