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Player 5 Year Predicted Future Value
The team at BlueLineAnalytics is dedicated to
providing you the answers to these questions
and others.
- What is the value of an NHL hockey player?
- What does that value equate to in a salary?
BLA Player Scorecard
Predicted Value vs Salary
What We Provide:
- Consulting
- Analysis
- Custom Scorecard's
- Real-time 'What-if'
Scenario planning tool
GMs... What does the data say is the right mix
of players and what's the right price to pay?  
Who are the potential replacement players to fill
your team gaps and what are they really worth
relative to their peers?

  • Long term contracts, competitive market, and
    changing salary cap make your job very
    challenging... Requiring a “crystal ball”.  
  • Unless adding a new high priced player gets
    you one game further in the playoffs, more
    merchandise sales or a lot more ticket sales,
    your profit decreases. Our ability to predict
    the future based on actual performance data
    is your crystal ball!
Owners... “ROI"- Return on
Investment is a KEY ingredient to the
longevity of your NHL franchise.

  • Prudent fiscal responsibility allows
    for quicker pay-back on your
  • Allows for longevity in the city and
    community in which so much of
    irreplaceable goodwill has been
  • How are you going to protect your
    franchise's bottom-line while
    delivering a winning team?
How Can We Help?
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Our Value Statement...
  • We leverage cutting edge analytics and
    predictive modeling used by Fortune 500
    clients to understand player performance
    vs salary and team composition.  No
    bias, No bull... Just the facts!
  • We identify which players will provide
    your team the greatest likelihood of
    success per your requirements.
  • We provide a patent pending what-if
    analysis application that takes seconds
    to generate customizable player score
    cards, including identifying the best
    replacement prospects.
  • We customize a unique data driven
    solution for you...